Amazin Kids Paradise Academy is in Paterson and Irvington NJ. Serving 3 locations in Paterson and one in Irvington NJ.  We pride ourselves in nurturing all our attending children and providing a personal one on one service that is incomparable. Our children are well balanced with creativity, exploration, and nutrition. Top Rate service for hard working parents is what we achieve. The home away from approach is what we take while offering reasonable costs.

Core Values

Children Come First: In all we do children come first. Their supervision, Safety, caring and emotional wellbeing come first. Stimulating children’s learning and emphasizing every positive opportunity for their growth. 


We provide a service to our parents, meets needs of young children and work together to provide a happy safe nurturing environment for everyone that is involved with the school.


AKPA acts of kindness, honesty, and integrity, not compromising the truth.


Every child , parent and staff deserve to be treated with love , respect and be in a supportive environment. As well we are all entitled to dignity, equality, and protection. we value each other's co-worker's knowledge , parents beliefs, children indivuals differences. At AKPA there will always be tender love and care.

Quality and Excellence

We are aware of parent's expectations of schools their children and staff. we work to meet or exceed these by demonstrating a personal commitment to childcare. We take ownership and pride in what we do.

Why Choose Us?


Amazin Kids Paradise Academy staff facilitates the development of each child by fostering independence in students, empowering families and providing community resources. We believe that all children have the ability to become contributing members of society. We believe children learn through active involvement and engagement with materials and people in their environment.


Amazin Kids Paradise Daycare and Early Childhood program is a model center promoting students and success through parent involvement, professional development and a collaborative environment committee to the well-being of each student. We excel at providing opportunities for all children to learn together. We are welcoming and supportive resources for families. Our success is realized in the growth and development of the children and their families.


We, the Amazin Kids Paradise Academy staff believe:All children can learn.Children learn best in a safe, caring environment Families and communities are vital to each child’s learning. All children can become contributing members of their community.

  • Amazin Kids Paradise Academy is designed with children ranging from the ages 0 to 13 years old

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